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School Closings Should Never Stop Students from Learning

Today, our educational systems have been challenged by the need for distant learning.  Our Program is well suited to keep your child competitive. We offer individual and Group learning sessions to help them stay competitive.

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Message to parents: COVID 19 Statement

In the wake of COVID-19 schools across the US and world are closed. Most schools and districts do not have the capacity to provide rigorous online learning for students. Parents should be concerned about the break in learning for their children. No matter what schools have assigned by way of worksheets and online learning, students need access to solid instruction and experts. Most importantly, students need structure and opportunity to re-engage.  Parents should seize the day and see this as an opportunity for at home instruction to give students a boost or help close the gap in learning and target topics that students struggled with during the school year.  Let us help you develop a plan for your online learning Today! We Look Forward to Speaking with You!

Learn like you are in a Classroom


PWL (Partner with Legacy) Tutors are specialists  who will help you develop the confidence and academic content needed to reach learning and testing goals.
PWL Tutors are equipped to provide learners with tools they will need for distant learning and homeschooling.
PWL Tutors receive ongoing training and are up to date with the latest standards, Exams, and initiatives.
Our tutors are specialist who have diverse backgrounds, expertise, and who are here to inspire, coach, and motivate you. WE are not only tutors we serve as mentors for students and as we develop individual roadmaps to success.
  • Develop a personalized success roadmap 
  • Develop confidence and voice
  • Develop content knowledge and skills 
  • Connect with professional and caring Specialists
  • Develop study and organizational skills
  • Develop academic language and vocabulary
  • Develop listening and communication skills
  • Deepen critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • Develop reflection skills
Support for Students who are struggling to keep up with the pace of daily lessons and who may feel lost.  Yes, we also provide  tutoring for students who need to be challenged. Our PWL tutors provide targeted intervention support and Test Prep help for Learners. The GOOD NEWS, we target what you need to Know, Understand, and Be Able to Do.  
  • Elementary Learners
  • Middle School Learners
  • High School Learners

We target the areas of struggle: 

  • ALL CORE Math and Science Courses 
  • Writing and Research Skills
Math phobias and anxieties are real. There has been a significant investment in Algebra yet students continue to fail mathematics and have math anxiety and phobia. Algebra is a gatekeeper.  
We are successful because we have a theory of learning–Mathematics is a Language. We work to kick “Dear Aunt Sally” out of ,mathematics classrooms.  No more failed pnuomonics. 
We know that that mathematics is a language and students want to have fun with words and must first make connections to words and everyday language. 
Most people will say that they hate math because math learning was about procedures.  Our company focuses on the problem solving strategies which we all use in everyday life. These include learning how to ask for help, constructing tables to help organize ideas, and using objects and technology to make sense of the problems.   
We are the only company with a Math Notebook. Why? Our Math Notebook helps our students develop the organizational skills needed to make sense of concepts and procedures.  Most importantly it also helps students get organized and learn how to use their notebook to study and reflect on learning. Let us help you get over the phobia and anxiety and finally learn the mathematics. We promise that you will also learn to love math and become crafty in how you use math in your everyday life. 
Back to Basics Summer School: Parents and teachers are overwhelmed managing students learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online learning been a challenge, but parents need a plan and a partner to give their child the skills needed to succeed in the any classroom. PWL’s Back to Basic Summer sessions provide small group instruction to elementary, middle and high school learners so they can come back to the classroom stronger.
Algebra Basic: Students master basic and complex Algebra. Students learn the structure of algebra which helps them succeed in more advanced courses.
Fractions Basic: Students navigate adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions using word problems. Learn methods that help to get over the anxiety and frustrations of working with fractions.
Number Sense: Students build arithmetic skills and understand the applications of mathematics.
Writing and Communication
Middle and High School Students: Students build critical thinking skills, practice essay writing, and complex reasoning.



About Our Approach

Middle and High school students get an unprecedented gateway into the future with our I AM Satoshi Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Academy.  Your child will get introduced into the dynamic world of Blockchain and gain an understanding of the mindset of an investor, developer, miner, and trader.
Purpose, passion, and innovation drive all of our work at PWL.  With more than a decade of experience we know that that the access to Blockchain industry is only possible by helping our gain math confidence.
Well trained instructional specialists with expertise and passion to build professional relationship with your child. Our team members are specialists who are compassionate and intentional about helping students reach their goals.  

About Our Goals

Blockchain is here and reshaping the future.  Take control and bridge the knowledge gap as you learn about the real-life Miners and delve into the world of Cryptocurrency.  You will get to make friends and have fun learning about how to become a tech mogul. This academy will give you the voice and confidence to step into the world of Blockchain.

About Our Curriculum 

  • Engaging Instruction: Students develop a framework for Blockchain, technology skills, leadership, and teamwork,
  • Respect, Rapport, and Responsibility are core skills that student need to navigate in complex technology sectors and work environments as they move ahead in their careers.
  • Mindfulness: A world without mindfulness is chaotic. We intentionally integrate exercise and yoga into our model.
  • Time Management: Learning happens when we take time to unwind and breathe. Your child will get free time.
  • Celebrate: We take the time to honor our students and their accomplishments throughout and on Graduation Day.
Traditional test-prep companies and testing materials provide you with practice problems and very dense answers in the back of the book. If you have always struggled with math, science  and writing that does not help you to pass and significantly improve your scores.  Let us help you finally learn the content that you need to feel confident and succeed. It is not going to be easy. Know that our methods are built on 10 years of proven expertise improving academic outcomes.  The GOOD NEWS, we focus on what you need to Know, Understand, and Be Able to Do. 

Our Tutoring Models

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  • Leadership, voice, and commitment to serving as a mentor and role model 
  • Purpose driven and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others
  • Strong and proven aptitude in Mathematics, Science, ELA, and core subjects
  • Willingness to learn the PWL model and new strategies to teaching concepts rather than procedures
  • Professional, friendly, and able to connect with learners
  • Strong communication skills and time management 
  • All tutors and staff agree to fingerprint, background checks, and rigorous training. 

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