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Purpose, Passion, and Innovation 
  • Our core values and guiding principles—Innovation, Collaboration, Trust, and Diversity—drive our work.
  • PWL is seeking to recruit and retain the Tutors and Instructional Specialists of tomorrow. We have more than 10 years of educational partnerships with schools across the country and proven results. We are committed to training tutors and team to ensure that they can make a measurable impact on the life goals of the young people, families, and adult learners we serve.
  • Tutors and Instructional Specialists will be entering into the PWL family and we promise to give you the professional mentoring, career guidance you need to help you reach your goals.
Talent and Skills Requirements
  • Leadership, voice, and commitment to making a difference.
  • Purpose driven and commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Strong aptitude in Financial Literacy, Technology, Mathematics, Science, ELA, and core subjects.
  • Ability to effectively communicate subject matter
  • Application of different learning strategies including active learning and peer-to-peer techniques
  • Ability to listen and answer questions during tutoring sessions
  • Set goals and/or expectations to support student roadmapping.
  • Willingness to learn the PWL model and new strategies to teaching concepts rather than procedures.
  • Professional, friendly, and able to connect with learners.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills and time management.
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When private tutoring is provided by well trained tutor however the effects can be dramatic, with pupils improving performance by two standard deviations. The system of excessive private tutoring will take time for activities such as playing soccer or joining clubs from students.

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